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Item :IFF350 flange face tools
Facing diameter: 25.4-350mm(1-13.78鈥?
Material: Aluminum
If you worried about gas explosion, dust explosion when you work on oil and petrochemical plant, it鈥檚 normal situation, because you don鈥檛 have safe tool to replace people for the dangerous spark.
You need a portable manual flange tool to recondition flange gasket safely, efficient and accurate for refacing of flat pipe, full pipe and raised flange surfaces.
IFF350 portable id flange facer make all the situation possible.
Technical Specification
Facing Diameter:
Min Facing Diameter1 inches25.4 mm
Max Facing Diameter13.78 inches350mm
ID Mounting Diameter
Min I.D. Mount1 inches25.4 mm
Max I.D. Mount10 inches252 mm
Tool Feed Stroke2.76 inches70 mm
Tool Post Swivel Angle+ / - 30鈦?/p>
Overall length12.5 inches+/- 320mm
Height from flange face upwards8 inches+/- 200mm
Minimum swing diameter18 inches457.2mm
Approximately Operational Weight15.43 lbs7 kg
Approximately Shipping Weight24 lbs11 kg
Approximately Shipping Dimensions
Length x Width x Height7.8 x 11.8 x 15.7 inches200 x 300 x 400 mm
In situ situation changes differently, we can not make any spark in oil and petrochemical industry. But the job can鈥檛 be hold without delay. How to avoid this awkward situation? We need portable flange facer machine, it permits on dangerous environment to work, without electric power, or hydraulic pack or pneumatic. Only a man will turn the portable flange flange IFF350 fast and safely. Especially for Smooth Finish Remachining and Stock Finish Groove Reface.China ID Mounted Flange Facing Machine
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