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鈥?Our History
Dongguan Honghui metal Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer with development, design, processing, manufacturing and sales in the field of transformer skeleton. Hong Kong company: Huigang Rundong Trading Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 2003. Since the establishment of the company, after years of unremitting efforts and painstaking efforts, it has a number of professional and technical personnel, and has enough high-quality operators and mold development and a complete set of automated production equipment. The pass rate of the delivery accuracy rate of 99.8% or more is 98.9% or more. Our company is committed to establishing quality objectives, striving for efficiency improvement, meeting customer requirements, pursuing permanent growth, environmental protection, pollution prevention, energy saving, and continuous improvement. Committed to high-quality, low-pollution products, to ensure product quality, increase production, and gain customer recognition, has formed a mature production, sales, after-sales service chain, to improve quality services for customers around the world.
鈥?Our Factory
The company was founded in 2003. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business goal of "creating a brand and becoming a first-class enterprise" and adhering to the business philosophy of "pursuing excellence". After years of unremitting efforts, the company's market competitiveness has been continuously enhanced. We have won high praise for our customers around the world. The company now has a plant area of 5,800 square meters and a total of 75 employees, including 12 management departments, 6 engineering courses, 8 quality control departments and 49 manufacturing departments. The highest annual output value that can be achieved today is 480000000PCS. Company address: Shatou Weinan Street, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.
鈥?Our Product
The company specializes in the production of transformer framework (BOBBIN), filter framework and injection molding products. The products are widely used in communication, lighting, audio, instrumentation, automatic control, machinery, medical equipment, ultrasonic equipment, household appliances, electric vehicles, switching power supplies, etc. In electronic terminal products. The company operates a series of products: PM series, QP series, CQ series, BASE series, CASE series, UUH series, RM series, UU series, EF series, EPC series, EFD series, EM series, EEL series, EI series, EDR series, PQ series, ER series, ERL series, EC series, EVD series, ETD series, ED series, EBI series. ECP series, EDEE series, column, ET series, EP series, EE series, EFD series, EQI series, EM series, EOP series, ELPD series, MQ series, POT series, UUF series, SMD series, AMCC series, ATQ series, LEP, LP, LQ, OI, POT, PQ, QP, RM, SRV, TBD, UK, UQ, UR, WU, QD, RM , SLE series.
鈥?Product Application
Pulse transformer, power transformer, high frequency transformer, power frequency transformer, audio transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, super audio transformer, special transformer, switching power supply, communication, dry type transformer, oil immersed transformer, core type transformer, amorphous alloy transformer, Shell transformer, power transformer, instrument transformer, test transformer, single phase transformer, three phase transformer, double winding transformer, three winding transformer, autotransformer.
鈥?Our Certificate
The company has obtained the UL certificate, ROHS certificate and ISO certificate that are approved annually by professional institutions. It has passed the international ISO9001 certification and meets the GB/ T19001-2016/ ISO9001:2015 standard. It also passed the ISO14001 environmental standard certification, and met the requirements of GB/ T24001-2016/ ISO14001: 2015 standard, and obtained the corresponding ISO certificate.
鈥?Production Equipment
The company has a complete set of production equipment, relying on these production equipment to produce high quality products, which are sold all over the world. The equipment includes: forming class horizontal machine, forming class vertical machine, electric discharge machine 2, grinding machine 2, milling machine 2, soldering machine 2, vertical injection molding machine 8, plastic injection molding machine 12, bakelite injection 8 sets of machines, 3 sets of tunnel sandblasting machines, 4 sets of raw edge processing machines, 20 sets of automatic PIN machines, 2 sets of hydraulic presses, secondary photo apparatus, salt spray test machine, aging test machine, fully automatic flame test machine , microscope, high-voltage test machine, Seiko electronic desktop fluorescent X-ray analysis equipment and 360-degree 6-camera automatic product testing machine.
鈥?Production Market
Our products are mainly sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and other regions. Sales in Hong Kong and Taiwan accounted for 20% of total sales, sales in Europe accounted for 20% of total sales, sales in Japan accounted for 40% of total sales, and sales in the US accounted for 20% of total sales.
鈥?Our Service
Before the sale, we confirm the demand for the product with the customer, and quote the customer according to the product drawings or samples of the product provided by the customer. After the customer confirms the quotation, the company will try the mold through the customer's mold opening order. The production, from the receipt of the order generally 20-30 days to complete the test sample delivery. After the customer confirms that the sample is OK, we will carry out mass production according to the order quantity, and the general delivery time is 3-7 days. After the sale, we will deal with the abnormal quality products. If the products produced have quality problems, we will reply to the improvement report if the customer complains. If the products are not available, our company will arrange replenishment and finally meet the customer's requirements.Winding Transformer BOBBIN
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